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7 Reasons Why Mentoring is The Way To Go

The mentor has the role to encourage the mentee to develop professional and personal abilities, by sharing expertise, experience and knowledge. The process of mentorship is one of the most valuable and effective experiences, by building a strong, trustful, and respectful relationship through weekly meetings to exchange ideas and discuss progress, based on goals created between the mentee and mentor.  This boost yourself program is fast-paced and deep into your own needs, with a maximum of 10 sessions.


 It is a guidance and trust relationship, where you will be exposed to new ideas of seeing and thinking. 


 It is the ability to develop different skills and knowledge. 


It is the opportunity to have professional closer guidance to advise you on overcoming weaknesses and developing strengths.


It is for you who wants help to identify and achieve career/personal goals. 


It is a guidance to expand a more transparent relationship with yourself.


It is a sharing process, to believe in yourself and in your capabilities.


It is an exercise of progress based on your own needs, you will guide the direction of the your sessions.

Price per session €37 - languages available: English & Portuguese


Marina Marques | EMPATHY EXPERT


I am the founder and everything else at GLOOW. I built my career in the fashion and beauty industry, working for big corporations such as LVMH and Inbrands SA. I have also been a digital marketing consultant for the last two years until I decided to dive full time into the world of entrepreneurship. I started in marketing, but I was open to accepting all the challenges that came my way, from marketing to e-commerce, social media, wholesale, sales training, my goal was to learn and absorb everything thrown at me, so I could be here today.  I never missed the magic of looking through different perspectives and that’s how I can help you clear your mind to build your own path.  

+ Other things I can share with you

How can I help you?
How to build a strong personal branding, being you!
How to beat the fear of Public Speaking 

How to make killer presentations 

How to build an e-commerce from scratch

How to find your voice and use it 

How to find and work with your best-self
How to find career opportunities 

+ Other things I can share with you
Organizations Tools I use 

Apps to make your life easier

Public speaking training tips 

Sites, podcasts, places, I use for research

How can I help you?

Do you have any doubts? Please, contact us.

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