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Magazines: blind or lost?

We are living an unprecedented time that is intrinsically changing everything. And the fashion industry, the one that transforms intangible emotions into tangible products, is also changing. It is an industry that makes trillions a year, a fearless force in the economy. Although fashion is about dreams and dreamers, it is also a result of a social-political period in time.

While I’ve been getting my usual fashion publications subscription delivery, something bothered me: nothing, absolutely nothing, changed about their covers and content. There is not the slightest acknowledgment of what is going on in the real world. Famous people are still in on

the covers, no headlines about what has been going, and still, the same 60+ pages of ads before the opening letter, plus, the products displayed are almost only the same brands that advertise in the magazines (I get it that’s how they make money, but no change at all?). Wait, isn’t it Fashion also a behavioral statement? What about talking about how big brands are changing and adapting or about the importance of buying from independent brands right now? Those topics are everywhere online, but the traditional media is living a parallel fairytale.

Magazines still play a big role in teaching about the fashion world, but if the industry has been brought to its knees together with the whole world. How relevant is getting a guide to summer’s most coveted looks? How adaptable are magazines after all? Does it even stand for something true, or is it just sponsored by brands?

Throughout the last decade, renowned publications have been losing faithful readers over to influencers, but those with the power to answer with immediacy and originality are now struggling to work with the new reality, losing their social currency status. It’s a great opportunity for magazines to take a stand and make a comeback with solid information, inspirational content, and knowledge. Vogue Italia seems to be the bold one. Readers don’t want to be oblivious and perpetuate the thought that fashion is futile. Nothing is more powerful than information or more fashionable than being knowledgeable, so please magazines, make us cheer for you once again!



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