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The ambiguity behind Dior Feminism

The Maison has been showing some very feminist set in the past shows, but the last one made us wonder: Is it a real change or just another marketing move?

The last physical Fashion Week presentation before the covid-19 pandemic, #Dior Fall 2020 presentation was a "feminist" set. The designer Maria Grazia Chiuri decorated the scenery of the show with feminist phrases praising equal rights and women rights. And just the day before (February 24th), it was Harvey Weinstein rape conviction, one of the main subjects of the #MetooMovement when it started to spread virally back in 2017.

The awakening feminist collection was inspired by the designer teen years living in Rome, she described as her

own very personal visual diary because being a teen in the 1970s gave her the attitude that she carries until today. Since 2016, when she was named the first female creative director of the house of Christian Dior, she’s been winning fans by putting feminism and femininity in every show she creates, but the show yesterday made us wonder:

Why did Maria Grazia choose to start the show, that it’s all about attitude and equal rights, with a woman dressed in a suit?

There is an ambiguity in the message that Dior wanted to communicate. The reflection here is:

  • Do women want to be powerful like men?


  • Do women want to conquer their space, their voice, be original? Does the suit mean comparison or ownership?

Think about it and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

*Images by shutterstock & getty images



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