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This is just the beginning.. 

Today on the internet, we have access to all types of news and content,

the core is to bring smart conversations and interesting opinions together to debate hot topics of today’s world. It's about collectively evolving through conversations that amplify the power of equality and inclusion by celebrating the beauty of uniqueness.   

It is time to use our voices to make a positive impact, to grow and glow together. 

Therefore, collaboration has become essential in this age of disruption,

let's join forces and be stronger together!

 GLOOW is a platform for big conversations and ongoing learning. 


We are based in Stockholm, but our work and impact are borderless.

More than a revolution, we are living an evolution.

Let’s #GLOOW together. 🚀



Marina Marques | Founder & EVERYTHING ELSE


I am a person who likes to ask questions, learn, think and overthink too. Because of my constant curiosity about how the world works and why people behave the way they do.

I started my career in fashion marketing. Why fashion? Fashion is a behavioral statement, it's the way you present yourself to the world. And everything in my path was built to take me here, the desire to build a platform for deep conversations and ongoing learning.

I am not a person for small talks, grab a chair, order an iced latte and take your time.

After all, that's what life is all about: conversations, people and experiences.

LÍVIA ROCHA | sustainability writer CONTRIBUTOR

I'm a sustainability advocate and independent storyteller currently based in sunny Valencia, Spain. I’ve always believed our world needs a change and I know we can do it together! Through words and stories, I build up strategies to educate people about climate emergency and its consequences to our planet and culture.




I describe myself as a world citizen with a Brazilian heart. And always in the mood for fashion, which is my love/hate most long-lasting relationship. Nowadays, I live in New York, where I decided to settle (for now), raise my son, and continue engaging with the fashion world as a brand strategist.  Today, readers don’t want to be oblivious and perpetuate the thought that fashion is futile! There is nothing more powerful or more fashionable than information, that's why I'm here, to make you cheer for fashion again. 


I'm a filmmaker and storyteller enthusiast, who never misses the chance to make any story juicier, that's why I've always been the biggest nerd when it comes to books, movies and series. As I believe our best attribute is the power of the imagination, I want to bring to you great entertainment/a big message, by making videos where you will get lost in your own mind and never feel bored. 

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