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Scanning Series: Normal People (Beyond The Love Story)

What is Scanning Series? It is a deep analysis of all parts of movies, series, magazines, anything really, in order to detect the best and worst features beyond the obvious.

Have you watched #NormalPeople? The internet seems to be obsessed with #Marianne and #Connell, the main characters, but the series goes far beyond than just another love story. Let’s talk about what we loved in this series based on the novel of the Irish writer Sally Rooney:

🟣 Dual perspectives: the series shows both sides of the story, Marianne and Connell, which brings a more realistic view of their relationship. The way we interpret things is not the right way, it is just ours, in every situation, there are always more perspectives to understand.


🟣 Gender Neutral Relationship: the emphasis is on transcending the perspective of gender altogether rather than focusing on the rights of specific genders.


🟣 Sex-positive: FINALLY! It’s about time a series show the sex aspect in such a natural way, not only showing the woman boobs, face, etc. Both characters have full nude scenes and it’s so naturally beautifully made, as it looks like you are watching a real-life couple instead of a show. The name says it all: Normal People regard to real people and that's why I believe it became a phenomenon. It is about real-life struggles, personal growth, friendship, intimacy, popularity. life traumas and overcoming insecurities. The novel writer, Sally Rooney, was also one of the writers for the series and executive producer, which made the world of Marianne and Connel even more real, transforming her best-selling book into a TV royalty.

"I feel like I'm walking around trying on a hundred different versions of myself" Connell Waldron

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